Eaton UPS Customer Service and Technical Support

VP of Colocation Data Center Operations at H5
I've contacted first- second-, and third-tier, tech support - all of them. I have had some issues with their first tier. I've actually had facilities managers contact them to put in four-hour-response service calls and they've been asked for a credit card so that they could charge the $800 service fee upfront. I didn't take it very well and I did escalate that and it did get taken care of. But that's a little bit of a slap in the face when you're spending, five or six million dollars a year with a company, even though we're a little fish. There all those kinds of issues. We've got 13 locations and I've got facilities managers who may call in for support and in normal situations, their tech support is very good. I'm having a little bit of issue because there's a little gap between warranty and annual support. I've got systems that are coming off of a three-year warranty and I'm trying to get Eaton to start putting us in a rotation for annual maintenance. Eaton doesn't do that on their own, which seems odd to me because that's money for them. So we're still trying to get those transitions to happen. It's a little quirky thing, but moving from a warranty period over to putting the machines on regular, paid, annual maintenance is not smooth. View full review »
Ray Parpart
Director of Data Center Strategy & Operations at University of Chicago
The Service Plan doesn't result in faster repair time because my repair times are so fast anyway. I've got four-hour response times on my units. If I have a problem with the unit, I get somebody here, 24/7, within four hours. One of the beauties of their sales team is they build relationships, so I'm not always calling an 800-number saying, "Hey, I need help," where the reply is, "Okay, where are you? What time zone are you in?" I can call my technicians 24/7 and say, "I have a problem" and they are on the way! Granted there is little concern as I am under contract. Eaton's service team in the Chicago Metro area is a very personable team, all the way up to the VP of Service. They're focused on customer service and it shows in the relationships I've had with them. The last issue we had a technician come down for was a battery issue. Sadly the issue was me not interpreting the alarm appropriately which simply had to be cleared. They came out and took the time to teach me. Another time I got a UPS wet and blew it. That was exciting. We had a leak. It actually leaked through a 12-inch concrete slab above it. It was like a Rube Goldberg puzzle. We had a leak upstairs that traveled 20 feet across the concrete floor, found a crack, slid through the crack in the floor, into a conduit that's been in the concrete for a hundred years, down the concrete and then out of an abandoned electrical box in the concrete ceiling. It dripped on a piece of Unistrut, slid over about three feet, and dropped on a high-voltage energy bus. You can't make these things up. The UPS did what it was supposed to do but we got it wet. The UPS went from ESS to double conversion, to bypass, back to double conversion, back to ESS, in 72 milliseconds. The way a UPSs works is if there's a large in-rush, which means a whole bunch of equipment needs a lot of power at once, the UPSs actually lets the utility handle it. In an in-rush, my load will peak up, my draw will peak up. The UPSs will watch the inrush and grab the load when the demand stabilizes. Under normal circumstance all would have been good. Lesson of the day, keep equipment dry! View full review »
Jim Hicks
Chief Building Engineer at a software R&D company with 10,001+ employees
Tech support is good. I don't have any issues. I usually reach out to someone via email. Usually, when I call, I get forwarded to an engineer or I have to wait until somebody to call me back. Normally, what I end up doing is that if I have a problem that I think impacts us or our customer, I'll just send an email to one of their service managers or one of their sales managers. The response time is usually good. I get a pretty immediate response, definitely within the day. We use a T&M contract with them in general, but for one of our offsite locations we do have a full-service contract with them. The latter, in terms of battery/parts replacement, remote monitoring, and prevention of UPS failures is fine. I don't have any issues with it. Once they're under full contract, they're pretty responsive and able to dispatch somebody immediately. I believe we have parts coverage with that full-service contract and they usually have the parts fairly quickly. View full review »
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David Cantrell
Director of Engineering at Children's of Alabama
We have used tech support from time to time. My supervisor has called them. I have not had any direct dealings with tech support. View full review »
Robby Vann
Facility Manager at a comms service provider with 5,001-10,000 employees
When we call a ticket in, we usually get somebody out here within an hour or two. In general, their tech support is really good. We have had to contact them for issues. One time, a feedback breaker in a system-bypass module, or something like that, was tripped. We brought them in to see what caused it. They figured it out and we haven't had an issue like that again since. View full review »
VP Computer Operations at a financial services firm with 1,001-5,000 employees
When I think about who I have used, technical support has been very good. We talked at different times about battery replacement and some of the reports. I got clarity on what reports would say, for example. The service side is very good at what they do, and because of that, we have had no issues. View full review »
Keith Collom
Smart Infrastructure Consultant BAS at Kaiser Permanente
Eaton's technical support is good. When we call them, they're knowledgeable. They listen to our questions, they walk us through the steps to go through the process to fix it ourselves. And if not, then they pass it on to have someone come out or to someone else to call us back. View full review »
Learn what your peers think about Eaton UPS. Get advice and tips from experienced pros sharing their opinions. Updated: April 2020.
418,350 professionals have used our research since 2012.