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Osama Mustafa says in an Oracle Database as a Service review
Cloud Expert | DevOps | Oracle Consultant at confidential
One of the key features is Oracle Database as a Service. We chose to implement it as a service, which provides good performance, for example. Flexibility and other features let us implement database research with the SQL team range of features also. You can meet your principle DevOps needs for scaling. View full review »
Fahd Mirza Chughtai says in an Oracle Database as a Service review
Cloud Architect, Oracle ACE, Oracle DBA at Pythian
The Oracle Multitenant feature of 12c is awesome. This feature enables us to consolidate disparate databases under one container database and eases manageability of the databases. It also allows us to scale. View full review »
Rich Niemiec says in an Oracle Database as a Service review
Chief Innovation Officer at Viscosity North America
Being able to go to go to the website: and get $300+ in free trial credits is a great way to explore the technology (you can also go to to just try database as a service (DBaaS). The cloud is something accelerates efforts to interface with Big Data and IOT, but it takes an educated buyer to implement the right pieces at the right time. The cloud gives people the ability to leverage big data from non-Oracle sources including Hadoop and Hive, quickly deploy a development test or simple application, and to leverage the interfaces to other companies and to use mobile apps. I think the downside is it's causing people pain as it compresses how fast they need to learn about it and effectively move the parts of their system that are better suited in the cloud. I think that's the biggest issue right now. Some of the features that are out there for database as a service on the cloud, if you want to have an encrypted backup in the cloud or a test database, it's nice to have a backup that's offsite or a system where you can test new features. Are you going to put your backup in a lock-box at the local bank or are you going to put it on some other cloud? With Oracle, you can send it with RMAN encrypted backup straight to the Oracle Cloud and it's there when you need it. If you had to fail-over for some reason when you use Oracle Cloud, and you have an Exadata in-house, Oracle has an Exadata in the cloud that you could fail right over to (this allows either a CAPEX or OPEX financial event). Maybe you have some big data where you don't have enough servers and you know exactly what you want hardware wise, well, you're familiar with that Exadata performance so you know exactly what you're going to get in the cloud since the hardware is similar to what you have on-site. View full review »
Seyed-Torabi says in an Oracle Database as a Service review
The most valuable aspects of the solution are the general database system resilience and security. View full review »
Ahmed Abdelwahed says in an Oracle Database as a Service review
IT Program Manager at a comms service provider with 10,001+ employees
The feature that was most valuable to me in this product — it will be different for different types of users — is that I could develop all the logic inside the database itself. There were no additional integrations. The solution would also help manage the traffic on the network. View full review »
Project Manager with 501-1,000 employees
The solution is very stable and offers great performance. View full review »
Marco Cenzato says in a SQL Azure review
Ing. at a media company with 10,001+ employees
The most valuable feature of Azure Database is the read-scaleout one: in Premium and Business tiers, the logic single DB consists of 4 identical DBs, the main one (writable) and three read-only synchronized copies; in our application we can use the three read-only copies for almost all of the read-only query and this allows workload distribution and minimizes the concurrency in write operations. They have good documentation. It's concentrated information. View full review »
Masterinfotec67 says in a SQL Azure review
Master of Information Technology at a individual & family service with 201-500 employees
The features I like most is that it offers a lot of securitt verification and backup from our side as well as from within SQL Azure. View full review »
MichaelSoliman says in a SQL Azure review
Owner at Alopex ONE UG
This solution has all of the advantages that are available in a normal SQL server, except it is presented in an online environment that can be used from everywhere. It provides fast access to data because the SQL server can calculate where the data is. It is a complexity of order one. So, it does not depend on the size of the table. This is why SQL servers are the favorite data source for any website. This solution provides more comfort to the end-user compared to a normal SQL server. View full review »
Mohamed Alnuaimi says in a SQL Azure review
Director of IT at a comms service provider with 1,001-5,000 employees
The DR for this solution is Active/Active. This solution offers high availability, and business continuity is in place. View full review »
Syssoft67 says in a SQL Azure review
Enterprise End User Operations at a comms service provider with 1,001-5,000 employees
In SQL we tend to do normal queries. The features we use quite a bit are the backup and monitoring and also the export and import tools for data. We use all of these on a daily basis. View full review »
Hendrik De Schinkel says in a Google Cloud SQL review
Cloud Data Engineer at Programmads
The most valuable features are that it's easy to use, simple, and user-friendly. View full review »
AhmedArafat says in a SQL Azure review
DevOps Engineer at a comms service provider with 10,001+ employees
Azure DevOps is the feature that is the most valuable aspect of the solution for us. View full review »
MohamedEl Azzouzi says in an Oracle Database as a Service review
Production Systems Engineer at Sofrecom
This solution is very stable, easy to use, and scales quickly. When we want more information on something that we are using, it is easy to find related topics on the internet. We use the automated system for creating tables. The security system is very good. View full review »
Senior Application Consultant at a tech services company
The stability and the format and the speed of the database are very good. View full review »
Slawomir Zablocki says in a SQL Azure review
Tech Clinical Engineer at APN Promise
What is really helpful about the Azure SQL is that when we have a problem with a query, we can trade information about what indexes we should create on tables. It's really helpful for admin and for developers. View full review »
Gowri Radhakrishnan says in a MongoDB Atlas review
Consultant at a tech services company with 501-1,000 employees
* High availability * Zero maintenance, to double up things. View full review »
SeniorDea71f says in a MongoDB Atlas review
Senior DevOps Engineer at a comms service provider with 501-1,000 employees
* Flexibility * An easy API * Its redundance: We have a cluster of three very solid instances, so its very reliable. * The integration went well and was lightweight. View full review »
Peter Mezensky says in a MongoDB Atlas review
Senior Software Engineer at Axcess Financial
* Autoscaling * No overhead * No maintenance View full review »
Informatfadc says in a MongoDB Atlas review
Information Risk Officer at a insurance company with 1,001-5,000 employees
* Scalability is its most valuable feature, as it is pretty simple. * The maintenance is fairly easy. * It was easy and quick to market in terms of getting the application deployed rapidly. View full review »
Engineerd5da says in a MongoDB Atlas review
Engineer at a energy/utilities company with 1,001-5,000 employees
* As a user, it is very easy to use. There is nothing complicated. * We can write queries and go through it very quickly; our queries are quicker with it. * Many tools are there. Other companies are providing many tools for getting to your MongoDB. View full review »
Alain Rouen says in a MongoDB Atlas review
Technical Director for Innovation Lab at Smile
You can start quickly on projects which allow you to store many things. View full review »
Rogelio Guillen says in a MongoDB Atlas review
Senior QA Engineer at SendGrid
As a tester, it was easy to validate data, access data, make active run queries against it, and retrieve data from it. View full review »
Darrell Bullock says in a MongoDB Atlas review
Senior Application Developer at Albert Einstein Healthcare Network
The speed of it is the most valuable feature. View full review »
Muhammad026 says in a Google Cloud SQL review
Senior Operations Manager at a comms service provider with 11-50 employees
It's all built into the web browser, so any operating system will work. It's easy to manage. They help me take care of the replication data backups and software upgrades, updates and so on. They take care of everything. I no longer need experts in database management. When I say database management, I don't mean SQL commands and which command is better or which query is better constructed. The database management in terms of memory, configuration, disc space, archiving, back-ups, replication problems, updates and so on. So, I no longer need someone or a team of people sitting around, taking care of my database infrastructure. I only have Google for that. View full review »
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