Signavio Process Manager Customer Service and Technical Support

Lead Business Analyst at a media company with 10,001+ employees
Dealing with tech support has been pretty simple. You raise an issue online, then usually get an automated response back. Anything that is a major issue has been dealt with and gets a higher priority. Anything that is more of a request for something that would be nice if we could do takes a lower priority. We've raised some of those issues as well. In terms of the relationship with the company, we've got a number of key people that we do speak to. It is a mix of the sales side to the financial side to the technology side. It is nice, but you've got to accept that in a bigger organization and to improve the processes or to give better customer service that you are not always going to be able to speak to one particular person. View full review »
Business Process Consultant at Hirslanden AG
Since I have a business background and I am not an IT expert, I am mostly not the person speaking directly with the technical support team of Signavio. Nevertheless, most bugs occurring in our daily business are fixed within just a few hours of time. We only experienced two or three issues, where problem-solving took some more time. But in my experience the Signavio support team is always determined to fix our problem as soon as possible, delivering satisfying customer service. View full review »
Principal Business Process Architect at Met Office
The technical support is excellent. They cheerfully guide our own internal support team to resolve issues that lie with us rather than with Signavio's solution. View full review »
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Process Architecture Lead at a insurance company with 1,001-5,000 employees
The tech support has been very good so far. I have not actually had the need to use them much, which is good. The UK-based team delivers excellent customer service. The people we deal with are very knowledgeable, but also technically going through the system has been really good and quick. View full review »
Assistant Director at Ernst & Young
I have used them occasionally. Because we are using a very small component of Signavio, we haven't really had that many technical queries. When we do speak to them, though, we usually get an immediate response. They get back to us within 24 to 48 hours and then we get something sorted out. View full review »
Operations Governance and Oversight at a consultancy with 501-1,000 employees
Their technical support is very good. They have a very good way of accessing the users and are able to easily put our tickets forward to resolve them. On top of that, I feel that we still have customer success managers as well who check in periodically to see whether we are happy with the solution overall and see how they can help out with that. View full review »
Process Manager at a energy/utilities company with 51-200 employees
The Signavio technical support is always great. I have had contact with them two or three times and the problems have always been resolved within a few hours. View full review »
Manager at a consultancy with 51-200 employees
I had a situation last year on the 24th of December, which is Christmas Eve in Germany. Usually nobody is working. I had a problem with my workspace and I rang up the support line. One hour later, everything was absolutely fine. That was really the best customer service impression I've ever had. View full review »
Head of Business Analysis Design and Engineering at BBC
Signavio support helped us with our initial setup and a couple of times when we had issues with downtime. They have always been helpful. View full review »
Process Engineer at Swissgrid
In most of the cases, technical support has been quite quick. Not always, but what I liked is that when I had a problem and there was an answer, I used the tracking tool and it was easy to get back to the same person. This is important to me because I've had experience in other areas where if you need to have three contacts for one topic, you always start at point zero with a new person. This is very boring and I didn't see that. In this way, I think that technical support is good and organized. View full review »
IT Team Assistant for Integrity and Compliance at TUI Group
Signavio's technical support is very good. They are very nice, helpful, and fast in replying. It is not the case, as with some solutions, where you feel like you are talking to a wall and only get standard replies. Our experience is that we've had a responsible person that has called us back and showed us things the right way. It is very nice and I really like the support. View full review »
Tiger Pillay
Manager at a financial services firm with 10,001+ employees
Technical support has been pretty good. The primary support is based in Germany, but they are developing the local capability pretty quickly. A lot of support is currently local. Anything that required assistance from the German office hasn't really made much difference in service time. We're still in hyper-care mode so support is constantly available. There have been no real issues. Migrating some models from the legacy system — that was seven years out of date —wasn't as simple as I thought it would be. It required a bit of scripting. However, that's a one-time exercise. After we actually completed the configuration, we never had to go back to the vendor for anything. From the support perspective, everything was done. When we did have to communicate with them, it was related specifically to the old legacy system. The rest of it is pretty straight forward. View full review »
Operations Change at Morgan Stanley
Their support is okay. Sometimes, we find that the turnaround time isn't as great and it can sometimes takes a few chasers to get a response, but for the most part it's okay. View full review »
Managing Director at Andrew Lim Consulting
I'm not aware of any major things for which we had to go back to Signavio. The whole platform just works. The issues are more to do with what happens on our site in terms of, for example, creating the library. How you utilize or re-use the elements is entirely based on the libraries that you have created. If you have five different elements that are all called "Approval process" then it becomes a problem, but that would be an issue of governance. View full review »
Quality Management at J Wagner
The support at Signavio is fast. We have got some very comprehensive answers. I would rate the support as very good. View full review »
Senior Compliance Manager and IT Systems at Tui
The Signavio technical support is very good. View full review »
Head of Global Operation Excellence at a media company with 1,001-5,000 employees
I have no experience with technical support. However, in the past four or five months, I have received calls from support two or three times. It is the support people asking me if there are any problems. I find that this proactive support is great for me, and I am happy that it works in this way. I ask them something, I give them some information, and I get an answer as soon as possible. It works for me. View full review »
Process Manager at a wholesaler/distributor
To this point, I think that we have only had one real problem. It was with the Single sign-On, and it worked almost immediately. View full review »
Manager of Process and IT at Phoenix emobility
We have been in contact with technical support, four or five times. We have had quick responses and the answer was always good. We have been able to use the answer and continue our work. Sometimes we have a request to make improvements in the software itself but the service team can only handle features that are in the software already. For the items that they can handle, the response has always been quick. One thing that is really good is that we do not need much technical support. View full review »
Business Process Manager at Chal tec
We only have email support and I would say that it is good. View full review »
IT Consultant in House at Interseroh proserv gmbh
The technical support from Signavio is excellent. We had a problem with the database migration that was caused by a bad file in our database. The export and import would break down every time, so we had to find the problem step by step. We collaborated with technical support and they helped us to solve the problem. It was very good. View full review »
Team Leader Business Process Management at Laepple AG
The Signavio technical support is excellent. View full review »
Owner at BPM Stephan Muller
I think that technical support is fine. View full review »
Partner at PricewaterhouseCoopers
Their technical support team is quite responsive but we are so deep in the details that we are really challenging them. I think my team in some cases knows much more than their technical support. View full review »
Find out what your peers are saying about Signavio, Software AG, Microsoft and others in Business Process Design. Updated: February 2020.
397,717 professionals have used our research since 2012.