Threat Stack Customer Service and Technical Support

Skyler Cain
Software Development Manager at Rent Dynamics
It's hard for me to evaluate their technical support because I've only had one issue and it was just a question on the difference between "investigate" and "monitor." It wasn't really a technical support question. I did have one box that was not reporting information for a bit, and it was as simple as just removing the agent and reinstalling. That process was super-simple and they helped me on chat in two seconds. I probably could've just found it on their FAQ, but they actually helped me live. I've only had to deal with them once and things were really good. View full review »
Director of Security at Eventbrite
The technical support is excellent. We email them very frequently. I don't what they would call this level of support, but it's like post-sales support. We have a technical account representative and we email with this individual very frequently about issues that we're having: rule configuration, how to do X, Y, and Z. Once in a while, they'll escalate an issue to the tech support and in those cases tech support has been super-helpful as well. The two issues that have been escalated to tech support have been handled really quickly and really professionally. View full review »
Kevin Johnson
Lead Security SRE at InVision
Tech support is fantastic. We're a very advanced shop. We're not patting ourselves on the back, it's just that we find problems in products that a lot of other customers don't find. When we do have a problem, Threat Stack's response is immediate. They bring all hands on deck. They have even gone as far, in the past, as bringing their engineering staff, their development staff, to help solve problems in a quick way. View full review »
Eric Cohen
Sr. Director Information and Security for PureCloud at Genesys Telecommunications Laboratories
We have used Threat Stack's technical support and they've been great. We contact Threat Stack and we hear back pretty much immediately. View full review »
Vincent Romney
Director of Information Security at Younique Products
Their technical support is very good. I have found them to be extremely responsive and accurate. They've been excellent to work with. View full review »
Chris Murdock
Security Architect at a tech services company with 201-500 employees
I used the technical support on limited occasions. They were timely and quickly got me to resolution. View full review »

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