Oracle Database Valuable Features

Maurice Aelion
Senior DBA & IT Consultant at MA Consulting
Oracle is one of the most advanced systems when compared with other databases in the market. Oracle has the ability to combine all the sophisticated architectures that we have today in the market and bring them to the customer. One more nice thing that Oracle is bringing in is cloud on premises. This allows you to have a big Exadata machine in your enterprise and use it as a cloud, using all the available Oracle features, which is very nice. It gives you the ability to begin according to your needs and grow very fast when you need to do so. View full review »
Osama Mustafa
Cloud Expert | DevOps | Oracle Consultant at confidential
* The most valuable feature for me is the pluggable database because it provides database consolidation and the solution for utilizing your resource. On the other hand, I find security products that are provided by Oracle very strong and not in comparison with any database vendor. * The encryption, database reduction, audit vault, database firewall: All of these products provide an extra layer of security when they are implemented in the right way. * Let's also mention real application cluster, and disaster recovery solution. View full review »
Security Specialist at a energy/utilities company with 51-200 employees
The feature I find most valuable about this solution is reliability. Whenever there was a problem, like hardware that failed, the data was still okay and not corrupted and that is very important for us. I am also really impressed by the scalability of this product. For example, whenever we need to add new space, Oracle makes it easy to extend and increase our performance. We don't have any corruption issues and we can add new space and without having to restart our database. View full review »
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Lead Database Developer at a tech services company with 201-500 employees
* I really appreciate the performance of Oracle. * When using AWR records you can really see where a problem is. * You can get advice about which queries are the heaviest for the database. * You also can see advice for indexes. If an index isn't used, then you can remove it to improve performance. This is a really good feature. * The JDBC connection is also quite good. * The object types are really good, the types of tables you can use in PL/SQL are also really helpful. View full review »
David Gubly
DBA Team Leader at Hadassah Hospital
* Stability * Name recognition of the database in the world, as it is maybe the best one. View full review »
Operations Engineering Manager at a consultancy with 10,001+ employees
* Security and Scalability * I have used Oracle technologies for last two decades apart from other similar vendors like MS SQL Server, IBM DB2, etc. * Power of Oracle combined with robust Unix platforms like Linux or AIX makes it powerful and secure as compared to MS SQL on Windows * IBM DB2 needs indepth technical expertise and lot of workarounds or automation to build a strong solution, MS SQL is on Windows and that makes it not the best choice View full review »
Software Engineer at a media company with 10,001+ employees
Stores a lot of data in a short time. View full review »
Head Database Administration at Co-operative Bank of Kenya
* High availability using real application clusters. * Disaster recovery using Oracle Data Guard. * Scalable storage using Automatic Storage Management. * Security is watertight. Database Vault is my favourite. View full review »
Kevin Slack
Database Analyst at Talbots
This solution has the best performance, bar none. View full review »
Mario Freire
Consultor de TI at Ultragaz
The most valuable features are Velocity, security, and compatibility. View full review »
Agus Nurhalim
Director Of Services at Dinamika Berkah Abadi
The most valuable features are the Oracle Data Guard and Transportable Tablespaces. These features are useful when you need data protection and in case you need to move data around quickly. View full review »
Gene Deans
Member at Idaho National Laboratory
It runs on scalable operating systems like Linux, AIX, and Solaris. It uses very many different types of indexes to improve performance. It has automatic memory management capability and large file capability. View full review »
Samis Saurabh
Associate Consultant Oracle DBA at ATOS GITSS Pvt. Ltd.
The features that we find most valuable are Data Pump, GoldenGate, and the RMAN (Recovery Manager). View full review »
Lead Oracle Developer and DevOps Engineer at Versent
The most valuable features of this solution are the cost optimizer and partition exchanges. View full review »
Find out what your peers are saying about Oracle, IBM, Microsoft and others in Relational Databases. Updated: March 2020.
407,538 professionals have used our research since 2012.