Microsoft 365 Business Room for Improvement

Danilo Jumá
Director Comercial at a tech services company with 51-200 employees
Microsoft could still work on the bandwidth used with Office 365. It does not seem to behave the same depending on the networks that I am working on. Sometimes I can tell the program uses more or less bandwidth and actually measure the difference. I believe that this can be enhanced to be independent of the network that I am working on. The bandwidth consumption should always be about the same. Some features of specific products could be more user-friendly. For instance, in Excel, some functionalities like the Pivot tables are not always so easy to use. Right now if you want to create a new formula, you need to have some knowledge about programming in Visual Basic. It does not seem to me that this should be a requirement. So you can type a command and then set up a new formula that is not listed on standard functions supplied with Excel. For users who do not understand the basics of programming and VBA, that really becomes an impossible mission. They may know that they can create a formula and what they might want it to do but they do not know how to do it. So if they do not find the formula in what is provided, then they really have to forget using Excel for that type of solution. If they knew how to do the programming they can do virtually anything through Excel, but they need to have the ability to do the programming and develop the formula. It does not really have to be that way. Microsoft could expand those capabilities. One final issue we have has to do with the backups. Microsoft does not assure the backups of the information that you store at their data centers. So besides deploying Office 365 as a solution, you also need a backup solution specifically for Office 365 on the cloud. We definitely recommend Office 365, but unfortunately in our country — specifically for the public companies — it is not easy to sell because we have some strict policies and regulations regarding data. Public companies cannot store information outside of the country. So, since Microsoft Office 365 is a Cloud product some public companies can not go for that option. They still have to work with previous versions of the product. Private sector companies do not have this type of restriction. We can only recommend the product when interested customers can do it within the proper guidelines. View full review »
Project Manager at a healthcare company with 10,001+ employees
There are a lot of bugs, which I don't know how many people have come across. In Microsoft Teams, when you share any screen, I can't see much because the Microsoft Teams Window takes the majority of the space. A task section comes up and then below the screen, a list with the names of the people you are collaborating with comes up. When you have to share the screen, you get a small window, which also depends on the screen resolution of the person seeing it and sharing it. You basically need to have an extendable monitor and display unit to see the bigger screen. There should be a full functionality for changing the desktop screen to full screen. That would really be fantastic. This is surely going to be a critical area. If you see Zoom and Cisco WebEx, you get the full wider screen. In Microsoft Teams, voice quality can be made much better. I think the codex part can be something on which they can work further. In Microsoft Outlook, the GUI is years old, which is boring and makes you want to switch to the postal way of sending emails. They must change the GUI. I am a bit skeptical about the promises that are made by Microsoft. Even though Microsoft makes promises that your data will reside on the servers within your country. I don't think it is so, and the corporate data, the governmental data, and the patient data are still in Europe. In terms of the land laws, even if I have an agreement with Microsoft that my data should not be shared with any other countries, at the end of the day, the data is residing on some other land. So, the land laws of that particular country have the right to have access to the data that is residing on the server of a particular continent. So, the government can intercept the data. That's why I'm a bit skeptical. However, so far, no cases have come up related to this, but one day, it may come up. I hope Microsoft will find out a permanent solution for that. People are becoming more aware of privacy. View full review »
Justine Rowland
Business Intelligence Specialist at a tech vendor with 10,001+ employees
I think where Microsoft could help with the product is to perhaps have an agent/ comprehensive start up video, that can assist with the initial setup since you're now dealing with several admin panels. You can learn it yourself but there are certain tips and tricks that could much more easily be communicated in a conversation. For example, know that if you go into an admin portal, you're going to need five things; and you need those five things before you go into the portal and they each may need their own setup/initiation. I submitted a good few support tickets early on because some of it was a bit overwhelming. When you're a small business and you suddenly realize that there are various admin portals which all do different things and you set something up in this portal and then you have to go set something up in another portal and connect the dots. If you don't know to do that and you haven't yet read ALL the documentation, it can be very overwhelming and you can feel a little lost. But once you get your head around it all, it's quite brilliant - the architecture and how they set everything up in the background. View full review »
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Imad Awwad
Group IT Manager For ME Region at Malia Group
The security sites need to be simplified and the technical support needs improvement. In the next release, I would like to see the management of the security features become more user-friendly. View full review »
Marty Rizzo
President at Northcoast Research
The ability to manage the updates a little better would be helpful. Sometimes end-users will get a prompt in the middle of the day that they have to update. When there's a new update, then their system automatically starts to reboot, which can be ill-timed. Having a little more control over that would probably be welcome. Notices in regards to updates and being able to manage the timing around them or to be able to do it at off-times would be helpful. As we get into SharePoint and so forth, they could do a better job of giving you some guidance on the very basics as to how to get started. They have a lot of stuff when you're using it, so getting some foundational knowledge as to what to consider when laying it out and how to approach it would be helpful. View full review »
Calvin David
Director - Digitization at KYC Technologies Botswana
The pricing can be reduced. I don't like the number of email notifications that are sent, it's too often. I receive emails every day. It would be better to have weekly updates with one summary or have the summary every fortnight. I would like to be able to connect Power BI to data sources easily. The Enterprise level comes with gateway connectivity, and that comes with many permissions. I understand that they are concerned about security, but they don't make it easy to automatically link your Power BI workflow to your apps such as Excel, PowerPoint, data sources, Access, and to your Microsoft flow at an enterprise-level deployment. It would be good to have a back-to-back connection between applications. View full review »
Manager, IT Special Projects at a consultancy with 51-200 employees
The licensing could be a lot easier. Right now it's complicated. The process has changed in that the user-mode of licensing is not very easy to manage. The solution's ability to scale could be improved. View full review »
Alex Broder
Product Manager at RAD Data Communications
The thing I think can be improved is the Teams functionalities. Teams software is like Zoom and it is more-or-less the same idea. It is less intuitive in comparison to what I was used to in Zoom. Zoom has a much more intuitive interface and is user-friendly in how you create meetings, how to participate, and how you invite people to join groups. You can do conference calls with many parties more easily using Zoom. Inside the organization where everyone else also has Teams, it is a very good tool. But if I want to have someone join that is not in my organization or using another connection method like a phone number, it is tricky. You cannot dial to regular phones which is a feature that exists in Skype for Business. The integration with other products is less fluid compared to Zoom and Skype for Business. Those products are more flexible and I am able to dial regular phones. Zoom is a much more flexible product and I may like it more because it is familiar. View full review »
Technical Manager at a tech services company with 11-50 employees
It would be better if it was cheaper. There are various things that you need to use PowerShell to do. That would be good. You could do them through the management portal, rather than through PowerShell. That's the biggest improvement I would like to see. View full review »
Director of Strategic Sourcing at a comms service provider with 10,001+ employees
The parts of the product that can be improved are the Forms and Flow features. They can be more intuitive and productive. View full review »
Julio Alberto Avila Bouyon
Project Manager at Atelier Visual C.A
* I am very disappointed that this version does not include the Microsoft Project tool, which is essential in our area of ​​work to plan projects. * Outlook has always left me unhappy with its interfaces, although it has improved in its latest updates. View full review »
Ayman Said
Deputy IT Manager at ICAPP (Americana Group)
Excel hangs many times, especially when we have equations. Excel is very heavy on the hardware, and it needs powerful hardware. I hope they can enhance the performance of Excel. Other products are working well, except for Excel. View full review »
Lucas Lira
Business Contact Center at Aloo Telecom
I think the Skype setup could be improved. It took a bit of research to figure out how to add a group of users, and we still needed each one to add the group. It would be nice to be able to administer this remotely. View full review »
The admin panels have too few samples. It would be better if it were expanded and more samples were added. There are monthly updates from the developer for new functionalities, but when the updates occur, you lose where the regular functionalities were. They are no longer where you are used to them being. In the next release, I would like to see visualizing. I would like this to be part of the solution, rather than independent. View full review »
Sayed Qurany Ali
Senior System Administrator at a real estate/law firm
The Team Exchange online needs improvement. Updates to the SQL server with better features are needed to compete with Oracle Database. In the next release, I would like to see more with endpoint security and with firewall security. Many other vendors are better than Microsoft in this field. View full review »
Senior Network & Security Infrastructure Engineer at a insurance company with 51-200 employees
Security could be improved. The user interface is good, I don't have any issues with it but everything could always be better. View full review »
Office Manager at Agattu Trading 174 Pty Ltd
The pricing for this solution could be improved. We get caught by the exchange rates in South Africa. View full review »
CEO at a consultancy with 1-10 employees
The solution's licensing framework needs improvement. The integration of the SQL server development environment is a little bit difficult to handle. They should work to make this easier. View full review »
Cloud Solution Specialist at a tech vendor with 501-1,000 employees
Improvements can be made with the governance and compliance of this solution. The migration from tenant to tenant can be improved. There are loads of holes in security and I'd like to see better integration with security products. View full review »
IT with 1-10 employees
Cross-application integration. View full review »
Learn what your peers think about Microsoft 365 Business. Get advice and tips from experienced pros sharing their opinions. Updated: April 2020.
441,726 professionals have used our research since 2012.