Jira Room for Improvement

Head of Software Solutions at a tech services company with 11-50 employees
Pretty much 70% - 80% of the Next-Gen Projects features are still to be developed. It's my understanding that the reason they started doing the Next-Gen and changing up the whole dual-end functionality is probably because of how heavy and big everything was getting. It had gotten pretty complex within the Classical Projects. It's quite time-consuming picking up the Classical Projects. They've gotten quite heavy and it's hard to use them in a productive way. There are just so many settings and possibilities. It's very complex and time-consuming, however, on the other hand, it's got everything you need in terms of functionality. View full review »
Technical Lead at a mining and metals company with 51-200 employees
When a task is completed, it disappears and I don't know how to find it. If I want to go back in history to review an old task that we completed, I cannot find it. Unless you remember a keyword or a task number, it can be very difficult to find old tasks. Sometimes, in the display, there is an overload of information that makes it very difficult to read. If there's too much information, it defeats the purpose. You have to reach a balance, and I think at the moment, there can be too much information. Sometimes the interface is too crowded. It seems like the default option when you open a task is that everything is open and all of the menus are deployed. There needs to be easier integration with third-parties — personally, this is the biggest issue for me. View full review »
Meryeme Bensouda
Global Client Support Operations Manager at kyriba
Jira has recently updated their UI, but more can be done to make it even better. One thing that is missing is notifications that we can send out in an automated fashion so that we don't have to log into Jira every single time. We do have dashboards on our navigation pages, but we need to log in to see the current status. I can't just click reports every once in a while to trace or track projects, I have to log in to see. I'd prefer it if the data automatically came to me instead of having to go seek it out. It's possible the dashboards and the reports are something that can be properly configured on our end. However, I'm not the Jira administrator in our company. I probably just don't know how to do it. Jira may actually be able to trigger these kinds of reports. However, if they don't have this functionality, it should definitely be added. View full review »
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Scaled Agile Consultant at Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield
The solution needs performance improvements. We see that a lot of times it's clocking whenever there's any abuse. When we switch from one view to the other, it takes some time before that view is presented. The performance for different dashboards, whenever they are loaded, it takes more time than you're comfortable with. Whenever you move from one dashboard view to another dashboard view, then it should come up quickly. Right now it takes a long time and sometimes it clocks. The overall product performance, whenever you switch a view is what they need to work on. Whenever you edit a story, whatever you have changed takes a bit of time to save. The integration between Jira and Jira Align needs to be better. There's a lot of differences between the two systems. I believe what happened was Jira bought this software from a different company called AgileCraft. And that integration is still in process, and, because of that, there's a lot of differences between the statuses. That sometimes creates a lot of confusion for senior management whenever they're reviewing performance across teams. Better integration between Jira and Jira Align is on the top of my "most desired upgrades" list. The solution should improve performance when there are multiple users. View full review »
Agile Software Architect at a computer software company with 11-50 employees
It would be ideal if Jira had future functionalities to integrate more easily with various aspects of code reviews. It would be nice if, in the future, Jira worked a bit more like Azure DevOps in order to be able to manage work in progress and have the task measurements in strategies for the stories. In the future, I would like to have traceability features. For example, when you create a task or a sub-task that's related to code. In this task, if we could create a method for retrieve customer information, that would be helpful. In that case, I would want to train with the source code later. View full review »
Hemnaad Chinnuraj
Senior Software Engineer at Datta Tech Consulting
Produce improvements suggestions: User Interface/ User experience could be improved by expanding on visual capabilities of links such as Stories, Requirements, Scenarios, Cases, & Defects. User Dashboards could be improved by increasing ease of use of charts and other interactive options such as Boards. View full review »
Senior Quality Assurance at a tech services company with 11-50 employees
The plugin management needs a lot of work. Sometimes you have issues with plugins and it stumps the vendors, as well as the Atlassian support. I think that more extensive reporting would be very good because sometimes it is a hassle for us. View full review »
Test Manager /Architect @ Testing Practice at a tech services company with 10,001+ employees
Although it covers the overall requirements and measurements, it'll help if they had their own test execution feature. Because right now, we're using third-party tools to test executions. If there are multiple projects, it could be a good thing if they had a reporting method where you have a portfolio view with predictions and so on. If there were a way to manage all the SLAs, that would be helpful too. View full review »
Business Analyst at a construction company with 1,001-5,000 employees
The challenge which I frequently see from Jira is the label. When you search for a label sometimes, it suddenly disappears. If there's a mismatch due to all-caps or lower case, you won't be able to find it. It won't even come up as a recommendation or suggestion. That's something that can be really frustrating, as people create labels in their own specific ways and then no one else can find anything. While it should be a standard thing across the company to have labels created in certain way, the system should be able to pull up suggestions of labels that are close. The product could be more intuitive. If something isn't getting resolved, we generally aren't getting any alerts to warn us to this fact. We don't get any visibility on if something's been open for a few months even if it should have been closed after a few days. We need some sort of system that shows us items that are lagging. View full review »
Manager at a computer software company with 201-500 employees
In terms of improvement, I think Jira (Jira Agile, specifically) can be made more user-friendly. Most of the time, when people are somewhat used to the process, they find it easy to work with. But the thing is, if I want to create a sprint, I'd like the ability for it to come out like a kind of board or something like that. For example, they could offer something like a wizard for users who want to quickly create a sprint on the spot with a few clicks. I think that could be useful. When I first started using Jira and we were in the middle of coming up with a solution, I found that there could be better separation of tasks when it comes to user stories and epics. For example, right now we can take users and sub-task them, but the developer is not able to easily ask for or request a task as a separate thing to work on. Other than that, I would definitely appreciate more kinds of features in general. But we have already requested these from Jira ourselves with their voting system. These requests are in their backlog now and we hope to see them in future soon. View full review »
Anaya Struncova
Software Developer at DataStax
This product or software still requires improvements, especially in its interface since its learning curve is somewhat high because it offers so many features that the user tends to get confused, or the software adaptation time is much longer than it should be. Besides, its configuration is not very simple, and its support team sometimes does not respond immediately, so it is often necessary to solve problems on their own. View full review »
Hashem Alhariri
IT Testing Manager at Cloud Solutions
I have been watching an issue develop. There is a difference between their cloud and their server versions. The next-gen project, which is an advanced feature that allows you to visualize the road map of your delivery over multiple products and over time, is not available yet for the sever version. It appears there in the list, but it's still not right. I've tried to use it many times and I am watching the device show their tracker, but it seems they intentionally want this to increase the utilization of the cloud instead of the server. It is really a nice feature and it's a shame that we don't have it. Additionally, it would be really nice if they added some custom reports so that you could build your own report through any open source or commercial plug-in like Crystal Reports. That would be much easier for them to accelerate. You can create a report template and use it frequently. There are a few features I would like to see in the next release. For example, the layouts could be easier to configure on the screens. I know it's easy to customize. For each issue type you can create and modify your screen. But it would be easier if you could enlarge, copy, clone, and visualize them in a model in a visual way. It's really hard for me as an admin to compare different screens or even to copy one screen with one additional field. I believe that is creating a lot of confusion for end-users because usually admins are looking at each field independently, where it's located, in which position, and which screen. So that all needs to be improved from an administration point of view to make it easier to visualize and compare between the screens. View full review »
Senior Scrum Master at MobilFlex
There's a bit of a learning curve, which I'm not a huge fan of. It's not exactly user-friendly per se. I would prefer it if the solution was more intuitive. There are just so many options, that it's pretty overwhelming as a product. There's too much to focus on. We do find that we need plugins and have created integrations with more robust analytic solutions than Jira provides. Personally, I'd like it if there was more flexibility in how you could manage the backlog at a project level. View full review »
Ahmed Abdelwahab
Corporate Performance Lead at a tech services company with 501-1,000 employees
The user interface is very detailed right now. It could be simplified if they consider targeting the user experience. Right now, on the screen pre-design, the amount of information on the screen is very high. The distribution is good, however, the presentation itself looks very technical. They should work to streamline the UI to make it better for users to digest the information. View full review »
István Szirtes
Product Owner at Ericsson
The performance is not so good sometimes. I know that fully depends on the implementation and the IT environment of Jira or the version of Jira installed. The performance is sometimes not so good. I would like to have a better response time from the Jira server. And it fully depends on the administration side of the Jira. View full review »
Ilan Tokazier
Senior Quality Consultant at Knowit
In terms of what could be improved, there is not much I don't like. It is a little bit faster but with Firefox it can be slow, but that is also the case with many other tools as well. It has quite a lot of options and fields, so I'm not too familiar with them all. That makes it a bit trickier. It could be a little bit easier, it is not that simple or straightforward. The tool itself is so powerful and the customer's expectation is very high because you have so many things you can do with it. That can make it a little non-user friendly. I would want to see Jira include some improvements, like drag and drop and color, to make it more straightforward. If you compare it to Microsoft or Octane, they have good features that I would like to see in Jira as well. Overall, Jira is a little bit old fashioned, it could be more user friendly. They should make it simpler, to just be able to do some functions, whereas now it takes longer. There are too many clicks. View full review »
Agile CSM - Sr. Scrum Master at a energy/utilities company with 1,001-5,000 employees
it would be helpful to have a better tutorial for learning and to have a better understanding of what the features are and what they do. In the next release, I would like to see better integration with other software. Many companies have a lot of peripheral systems. They have ServiceNow or they could have something else. How do they integrate your stories, your sprints, or if you have confluence, or SharePoint when you start using Jira? The challenge is when you have someone who is not using confluence, but they have SharePoint or ServiceNow. How do we connect, or integrate our stories with Jira, so we don't have to have the information in three different places? The integration and integration threads would help Jira going forward. View full review »
Consultant at a tech services company with 1,001-5,000 employees
There's always room for improvement, however, it depends on how you intend to use the solution. It's hard to pinpoint exact features that are lacking as the solution is quite vast. From the project management perspective, I would say there are a lot of different issues that could be tweaked. There can be small improvements with traceability, for example. View full review »
Senior Consultant at a consultancy with 1-10 employees
In general, although we use JIRA, we never really learned how to use it properly. The learning curve of the solution is high. It has a lot of power, and yet we don't understand its capabilities. There needs to be more training modules and more emphasis from the company on proper training and product overviews so that users really understand its capabilities and can actually use the solution effectively. View full review »
Microfocus Solutions Engineer at a tech services company with 11-50 employees
We're more focused on other solutions. Jira could be more, for example, like Micro Focus, which is what I mostly work with currently. View full review »
Lecturer at a university with 1,001-5,000 employees
I'd like some more features around software testing. I'd like to see some more stuff done around data testing. That's what I'm most interested in. They could be better around generating documentation and essentially helping with test scenarios, test cases, or test results in a way that is more user-friendly. The product needs to be more flexible to adapt more effectively. Sometimes you fix the style or the format and it might not suit the environment. I'd like to be able to more effectively configure it. View full review »
Owner at a media company with 51-200 employees
The sprint-related graphics need to be improved. They are using story points for the sprint breakdown graphics. When you have five large stories with several story points, in the first week of the sprint, nothing gets done. This means that you have a flat line and then, in the end, all of the stories are done at the same time. So, we created all of the graphics but they were useless because it was just a horizontal line and then at the end of the sprint it dropped down to zero points. Basically, it was a square. In the next release, I would like to see a good graph that takes into count what you put into your stories. View full review »
Senior Analyst Engineer at a financial services firm with 10,001+ employees
The team construct could be simplified. We use Jira with Tempo Planner, and Portfolio for Jira, and at times it is not always clear. With Portfolio, it's the same as Jira but with Tempo, it clashes. It's not a seamless transaction. We would like to see integration between Tempo and Jira. For example, if I create a team in Tempo, I would like to be able to use it and re-use it Jira as well. In Tempo, if you create a team then you are able to link that to a project in Jira. I would like to have that same capability, where I can link to Portfolio for Jira. Specifically, if I create a team in Tempo then I want it available in Portfolio. When I am planning the work for my team, it would be easier to have that capability available. View full review »
Walter Ebeling
Senior Vice President Global IT Services at Kühne + Nagel (AG & Co.) KG
My main concern is the administration of projects, especially user groups, and this requires root access rights but there is no concept of layered admin rights. Projects can be managed by a limited admin, but the creation of projects needs root admin rights. In decentralized project ownership, this gets tedious. View full review »
Neetu Singh
Engineer -QA at FIS
The reports and dashboards do not provide for reports in a graphical way. The tickets cannot be simultaneously assigned to two or more users. View full review »
José ANgel Aguirre Abad
Manager at M2C
I am not sure if Jira can be integrated with our ERP. We have our ERP for the cost estimates or measurements. It would be nice if we can check or view a plan with the real cost. Currently, we have to do a double check of costs. It would be better to be able to integrate it with Jira. View full review »
Service Delivery Manager at a tech services company with 51-200 employees
The user and group management could be improved in a big way. There really are a lot of administrative areas that require a lot of screens which could be improved in many ways. A lot of the user interface could be updated. Technical support is lackluster. It could be improved. They need to address a lot of the requests that people have had over the last 10 years. Instead, they rely on third-party tools to provide these features. They don't seem to understand what it is their clients really need and instead just assume a plug-in can be made for whatever the purpose is. View full review »
Managing Director at Nevigate Communications (S) Pte Ltd
The GUI should have much better features like more graphical illustrations. There are some cases or benchmark data that we are trying to capture and customised into a graphical pie chart summary dashboard, but unfortunately JIRA is not able to do that. View full review »
Sassan Hossein-Pour
Manager Security and Resourcing at Vancity
A more organized hierarchy is important. Reporting and JQL create issues for me. They do not completely cover the reporting part that I need to report in terms of my capacity to plan. In the same token, there is no record at this very moment to provide me with one export with epics story points, tasks, or issues and their sub-tasks at the same time. So I have to do multiple exports to just create the sub-tasks and sub-tasks are not being reported. If I wanted to export this and recreate this in another platform like Azure DevOps, I would have a problem right now. View full review »
Ananthi Nachimuthu
Senior Technical Writer at Skava
The user interface and views on different devices should be improved. The customization feature can also be improved. View full review »
David Sandoval
Senior Functional Analyst at Baufest
We would like to see the integration of a lite-version of Confluence, just to manage some of the templates and documents. Without a plugin, implement the Route in projects created before this feature did so in the most recent versions of Jira. View full review »
Hafez Elhawary
Senior Quality Control Engineer at Link Development
I have to go through a lot of processes to consider it done. I have to log in then change the logins and make it interesting. There shouldn't be the need to go through this. The process should be improved. It's not so good for testing. View full review »
Simon Kerry
Group CTO at a retailer with 51-200 employees
The help desk and services management features are in need of improvement. View full review »
Technial Lead at a transportation company with 1-10 employees
Stability is an area of concern and it needs improvement, otherwise, it's a good product. In the next release, it should be more stable and have more APIs to integrate more plugins with it. View full review »
Michel Ranero
Project Manager at Ibermatica
The integration and management features need to be improved. When you first start to use the interface, it is confusing. View full review »
Kijal Parekh
Digital Test Lead at a comms service provider with 1-10 employees
The CACD solutions on JIRA has some plugins, but they are not easily understandable or workable. View full review »
Delivery Head IT & IS at a non-tech company with 10,001+ employees
There could be some improvements in the project management and portfolio level features. I think they could bring more flavours of Agile to Jira, that would help. View full review »
Senior Consultant/Engineer at a government with 1,001-5,000 employees
It's a pain getting it on the public, it costs too much. It's also difficult to migrate through, things don't always tie-up. It's not easy to use and it's not as intuitive as it should be. I stay away from it as much as possible. View full review »
CEO at Fiftytwo A/S
The speed of this solution needs to be improved. Backlog pruning and visualization are poor. Uupdate: Speed has improved slightly in backlog view with Jira 8.0, but there is still room for speed improvements. It's difficult to group and manage the backlog and priorities on multiple simultaneous epics to get clear overview of how the backlog reflects a planned roadmap. (perhaps due to the fact that we have too many issues in the backlog) View full review »
Daryn Louw
Head of Product at Truevo Payments
The downside to JIRA is the constant push for the changing of the user interface. This can remove valuable features and increase the learning curve. Especially for business users, the change in interface design instantly reduces productivity and buy into the tool. View full review »
MTS IV at a transportation company with 5,001-10,000 employees
I would like to see more robust release management within the tool. We're not able to use it at this time because of compliance issues within our industry. At this point, I'm not confident that it can meet the requirements. View full review »
Quality Assurance & Quality Control Engineer at Bolt Solutions
The filtration could be better. View full review »
Arun Srivastav
CEO at Planfirma Technologies Private Limited
This solution would be improved with the inclusion of integration with SVN, and auto-sync with the build release number. I would like to see a more customized workflow, as well as support for the Google Doc storage of Documents. View full review »
Rolf Schweingruber
Head of Embedded Development at Mecos AG
* Add relation for workload estimation between stories and subtasks * Linking to Confluence could be implemented. At the moment links can only be created from Confluence to JIRA, not the other way round. View full review »
Jean-Marc Iribe
Director Software R&D at Fluid Data Services
The hierarchy for Jira tickets is too flat. View full review »
Tom Erickson
Supervisor - Global Software Tools and Processes at Ford Motor
The only thing that JIRA doesn't for us is release management in a way that I can create a list of versions easily. View full review »
Scott Moshier
VP - Data Solutions at IT Transformers
The permissions can be challenging to get right. View full review »
Dan Carnahan
Service Owner at Mecklenburg County
We have found that improvement is needed in their customer support (communication, which is ironic). It would be very useful to have drag and drop time tracking. View full review »
John Sell
Regional Vice President at mPrest
Better ability to add numbers in ad hoc queries and search results, e.g., total development cost estimates. View full review »
Louise Fozard
Head Of Portfolio Management at King's Business School
The reporting needs to be improved. View full review »
Baskaran Senthivel
RTE (Release Train Engineer at ASML
Tree view of linked issues. View full review »
Learn what your peers think about Jira. Get advice and tips from experienced pros sharing their opinions. Updated: January 2021.
455,962 professionals have used our research since 2012.